A message from Italy

Dear Dart 18 friends, humans need few, but essential things such as: be free, be healthy, give and receive love.

In this particular historical moment of emergency these principles seem trivial, when in normal times they are always, certainly often,  forgotten.

This is because during our busy life we focus on other things that seems to us more important.

I’m very happy and greatful that the spirit which animates our Dart class has always been in countertrend.

A spirit which loves the principle of freedom, friendship and mutual aid.

The big Dart’s family is on the right track and that is why when this difficult period will be overcome we will be able, as always, to meet again and sail with the wind.

Now we need to hold on, stay home and sacrifice ourselves, keep away from sailing on our beloved Dart, but, especially, this is not the time for pulling stunts.

This is a fight we have to win all togheter, respecting the rules, without cheating.

Our loyalty as integer citizens and fair competitors is the only way to cross the finishing line.

A big hug to everyone,

Good wind!

Dart 18 Italia Asd

Giorgio Vincenti

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